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MommaDonna (Rigert) is a well respected and recognized mature Certified Birth Doula from Chicago.  She has cared for 200+ families before, during, and postpartum.


Formerly known as "Doula Donna", she has repotted her unique set of birth doula experiences, family caregiving, and technical specialties to become available as a Full or Part-Time Nanny.  She respects the individual and family needs of privacy, security and confidentially during her in-home specialized care and support.


Demographics have created a high job demand for mature, passionate, and technically proficient Nanny service providers. And, Momma Donna can deliver a 'combination of in-home caregiving' for newborns, babies, children, postpartum moms, and parents.  Momma Donna services are as follows:

  •    Nanny day, evening and the potential for select nights or travel; 

  •    Baby, child, infant or special needs family care;

  •    Postpartum support, assistance, and momma friendship.


Dear Moms,


I'm an emotionally mature, kind, nurturing, and technically skilled certified Birth Doula from Chicago. During my career, I have supported well over 200 births.  At age 60, and a momma of three myself, I know what it's like during that "4th Trimester" when you are going back to work.  Perhaps you need a nap, shower, yoga class, workout, run errands or have somebody cook for you. I can serve as your helping hand or quasi-grandma. 


Often, women in a transient area don't have family members nearby to lean on.  I'm here to bridge that gap and offer a very unique, technically knowledgeable, and experienced level of infant, child, and mother care.  I have included numerous testimonials to help you validate my character, experience, and technical competency. If you would like to see more (there are 40!), please visit

Momma Donna

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